Have you ever noticed that the foreskin is sometimes peeling off? This is the same effect that happens on normal skin. Some of the cases that involve this can be cured by simple remedies. But if they are persistent then various surgical methods can also be used.

Does Your Foreskin Is Constantly Dry?

The effects of dryness of the foreskin are visible on different parts of the penis; from the head to the base. Sometimes simple treatments can be the cure but if the problem intensifies then Adult Circumcision Surgery can be the only treatment.

What Symptoms You Experience?

There are a few symptoms that the patient may experience that can indicate that it is dryness.

1. Skin becomes tight after using water.

2. The skin peels off, flakes appear and there is itching.

3. Redness and rashes on the skin.

Dryness Causes Foreskin Peeling Problem

There are several diseases and infections that are a major contributor to the dryness of the foreskin. Thus this leads to peeling problem. The use of simple creams can solve the dryness. But if the problem doesn’t resolve then medical help is necessary.

How Can It Be Diagnosed?

If you experience any of all of the symptoms mentioned above then it is important to visit the doctor; so that he/ she can be able to make the most appropriate diagnosis.

Proper Physical Examination

In the initial visit to the clinic; the doctor will examine the penis for specific symptoms of dryness. This is to make sure that the signs are not of any other problem.

Patch Test For Allergies

Sometimes the dryness is caused by some kind of allergic reaction. There are several kinds of tests that can be used to determine whether the patient is suffering from an allergy or not.

Urine And Blood Tests

If the doctor is suspicious that the patient is having STIs or STDs then blood or urine is tested to distinguish between simple dryness, an allergic reaction or other disease and infections.

Examining The Patient’s Discharge

After cultivating the penis discharge it is inspected under a microscope. The doctor checks for the presence of fungus in the discharge. It is really important to properly diagnose the problem to determine the right treatment.

What Causes Foreskin Peeling Problem?

The causes of peeling foreskin are different in men as suggested by doctors at clinics including Circumcision Center. Some of the causes are the result of extreme issues but others are not serious. Some are caused by medical reasons but others are the result of bad habits.

Very Hard Soaps

The soaps that are manufactured today use chemicals that are very harsh, strong and hard. This is a major reason for the skin to become dry. Also very rigorous cleaning action can also damage the penis.

Severe Allergic Reaction

When the different chemicals and substances come in contact with the penis skin then the patient suffers from an allergic reaction. The patient can encounter swelling, blister, dryness, itching, redness, irritation and pain.

Yeast Infection

This is one problem that occurs both in male and female. This is caused by either fungus that develops on the skin. Another reason is that there are some specific medications for diabetes or for immune system diseases that can be the cause.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are many STIs and also STDs that also results in the dryness of the foreskin. Mainly two STIs that can cause the peeling of the skin. One is Genital herpes that appears in the form of sores. The other is painless sores called Syphilis.

Not Using Lubrication

When men don’t use different kinds of lubricants during various sexual activities then the penis definitely becomes dry. This typically happens when sex becomes very long. Sometimes chemicals on the products can also be a cause.

Various Kinds Of Eczema

This one kind of skin condition that is noncontagious and can’t spread to other areas of the body. The symptom of eczema includes peeling, cracked and dry skin, brown or red patches, bumps that can leak.

What Are The Treatments?

There are some specific treatments that can cure and prevent the above-mentioned causes of dry skin. These can be home remedies, non-surgical and other surgeries. Some are helpful in severe intensities and others for minor causes.

Specific Kinds Of Moisturizing Creams

Although simple moisturizing creams can do well in the dryness; but special creams that contain extra moisturizer can be the best.

Stop Using Skin Irritation Products

When you come to know about the things that cause the allergy or irritation; then you should immediately stop using it and switch to the alternates.

Adult Circumcision Surgery Is The Best

Adult Circumcision Surgery is the best preventive measure that you can take. Many issues create when the penis is not cleaned properly. After the surgery taking care of hygiene is not a problem anymore.