Enlarged Prostate Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

What is prostate?

The prostate it is a gland which is there in relation to the upper part of the pipe of the urine that is urethra and it is a walnut shaped gland which surrounds the upper 3-4 cm of the urethra. The function of the prostate gland is to produce some amount of seminal secretions. The fluid that we get during ejaculation around 0.3- 0.5 ml of this fluid it comes from the prostate.

The prostate gland it is present in body of all the males. However, it does not cause any problem till one at age around 50 years. As individuals become 50 years or more the size of the prostate gland its starts increasing. Now as I told you the prostate gland it is there in relation to the upper 3-4 cm of the pipe of the urine which is called the urethra. As the prostate starts enlarging it compresses upon this urinary passage and makes it narrow.

The enlargement of the prostate can be because of a benign process which is called benign prostatic enlargement (BPH). It can in rare cases also because of growth of cancer in the prostate.

How would are individual know that he is having a problem of this prostate gland?

So, As I discuss if an individual is of age more then 50 years and a prostate is enlarged and compressing upon the urinary passage It can lead to two kind of symptoms:

1. Voiding Symptoms:

Voiding symptoms means passing urine becomes difficult and all the steps of passage of urine there can be difficulty. For example if the individual goes to pass urine, He has a sensation to pass urine, He has undress himself and he has taken the position to pass urine however, the urine does not come it takes some time for the urine stream to start this symptoms it is called hesitancy there is a hesitancy in initiating passage of urine. Now the urine is coming but the urinary stream is very poor. The kind of urinary stream that you use to get which was very thick and strong now the urinary stream is very slow it sometimes dribbles So, this is called Poor Urinary Stream. Sometime the individual would have to contract the abdominal muscle in a bit to pass urine this is called straining even while the urine is coming out the urine will stop and I will come again and again stop and it will come again and a whole act of passing urination is goes like this in multiple pauses in between this is called intermittency. Even when you have passed all the urine and the urine stream is stopped there is still a sensation that some amount of urine is remaining this is called Sense of Incomplete Evacuation So; these are the voiding symptoms that because of prostate in individual might have.

2. Storage Symptoms:

Storage symptoms means the act of holding urine becomes difficult the god has created a Recamier in the passage of the urinary tract which is the urinary bladder. The function of the urinary bladder is peacefully holding the urine till the sufficient amount of urine is accumulated in the urinary bladder when the individual sensation to pass urine he goes and empty the urinary bladder. Had the bladder not been there 24 hrs we will be passing urine. Now if the act of storage of urine becomes difficult what can happen there will be increase frequency to pass urine.The normal capacity of urinary bladder is around 500ml and at this level an individual typically goes and passing urine but here the storage capacity is less it is 150ml or 200 ml So, that the frequency of going and passing urine it becomes double or triple. Sometimes there is urgency when the urine comes it becomes difficult to hold, sometime there is urge incontinence that means difficulty to hold urine so much that even before you are able to reach to the bathroom the urine would leak in the undergarments. There can be nocturia which means that the individuals will getup multiple times in the night to pass urine. So, this subset symptoms called storage symptoms.

Now in almost 90-95% of the individuals these symptoms can be comfortably managed using medicines. However, if there are bothersome symptoms despite taking medicine it becomes the indication of the removal of the prostate gland. So, the indications that you require surgery for prostate It includes if there are bothersome symptoms despite very regularly taking medicine, if despite taking medicine the urine stopes and it requires putting a pipe for passing urine. If the presser to pass urine is so much then it is cause in dilatation of the kidneys and the kidney function get erased, If because of obstruction formation of urinary stone in the urinary bladder, If there is repeated urinary infection because of enlarged prostate or If there is refectory passage of blood of urine multiple episodes despite the medicines then it is better to get operated. The operation for the removal of the prostate which is benign it is pretty simple. It is endoscopic procedure which does not require any kind of cut in body, It is done by passing a small pipe into the urinary passage and from within only using eighter electro surgical current or laser the whole of the prostate can be removed and obstruction can be relieved.