Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects many men and it can be identified and diagnosed if a man is not able to have erections or is having weaker erections. These symptoms of erectile dysfunction may also be accompanied by a decreased desire to make love to your partner.

This condition can affect both young and old men and there are many different causes of this condition. Just as there are many different causes of this condition, there are different types of treatments offered for each specific one.

Let's have a brief look in all the major treatments that are offered to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction:

Oral Drugs and Medications for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is first diagnosed with erectile dysfunction the first treatment offered to him generally includes oral pills such as Cenforce. These oral pills are primarily made up of PDE5 inhibiting drugs which block the action of the PDE5 enzyme which depletes nitric oxide production after a man is sexually stimulated. There are many different PDE5 inhibiting drugs and they are obtained under brand name versions as well as their generic versions. For instance, Cialis is the brand of Tadalafil which is also available under the generic brand of Vidalista.

Apart from Sildenafil and Tadalafil, there are other PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Avanafil and Vardenafil which are also prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Most of the men prefer oral treatment for their condition as they are easier to take, more convenient, quick to give effects, and are much easier on their pockets when compared to other types of treatments such as penile pumps or surgery.

Oral drugs offer a convenient form of treatment for this condition, but the effects of the drugs are not long-lasting and they are to be repeated as per the suggestion of your doctor or after a gap of 24 hours in most cases.

Penile Pumps for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many different types of penile pumps which are approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Very few people choose to use penile pumps for their treatment if other options of treatment are available for them as it is time-consuming and inconvenient for many characters to use penile pumps.

They are mostly used by older men or people who are prohibiting from using the PDE5 inhibiting oral drugs such as people who have serious heart conditions.

Testosterone Injection for Men with low levels of this Male-Sex Hormone

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction in men and one of them is the lack of adequate amount of the male sex hormone in their body which is known as testosterone.

There are various types of diet plans you can follow to increase the production of testosterone in your body if you would like to try a natural remedy. But there are testosterone injections, which are injected directly to your penile shaft in most cases for getting rid of erectile dysfunction. The effects of these injections are not permanent but they are more long-lasting than the effects of oral drugs and penile pumps.

Penile Implants and Surgeries for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

There are various types of cases where your condition may be severe or your body may not be responding to other types of treatments of erectile dysfunction, it is then that doctors usually suggest penile implants and surgeries.

Penile implants and surgeries cost much more than the other treatments of this condition and they may not be as convenient as popping a pill but the effects of these treatments are much more long-lasting if not permanent.

Counselling and Therapies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

We have already talked about the fact that many different types of causes can make a man incapable of having erections, and some of the causes are psychological.

There are many different types of psychological causes of erectile dysfunction such as depression, past trauma, sexual abuse in the past, low self-image, body image issues, inferiority complex, and even performance anxiety.

Usually, these causes of erectile dysfunction need counselling therapies for the men and it may be complemented with oral medications if the doctor deems it right.

Most cases of erectile dysfunction caused by psychological causes are reversible if their root cause is treated, and about 5% of cases of this condition have psychological causes.

These are the five most common treatments offered for men to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction and there are remedies and treatments apart from these five which may come useful for improving your condition.

It is good to remember that identifying the causes of this condition early on and seeking the correct form of treatment early on can help in the prevention of any long term or severe deterioration of your penile health.